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Smoke & Gamble Cab/ Merlot

 Smoke & Gamble 2013




Smoke & Gamble Chardonnay



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Ordering Information



1)  Click to Download our Premium Selections catalogue

a)  Click to Download recommended gifts selections

b)  Click to Download Order Form

2)  Create your wish list and contact us for personal service:

Phone:  416.802.1274          E-Mail:  Contact Page


OR - Try our quick order form, which is ideal for smaller, more intimate gift packages.  Just let us know what product(s) you would like and your budget and let us do the rest!  Simply fill out the Order Form by clicking:  QUICK ORDER FORM


We are happy to assist with estimating quantities and confirming the availability of product brands and will promptly answer any questions you may have.



Local deliveries in the Toronto area are as follows:

$23.45 for the first 1 to 5 cases

$5.50 per case up to 10 cases

$3.50 per case thereafter



Please contact us for specific rates.


Our  handling charge of $13.00 plus delivery, permits and HST provides you with a complete gifting and entertaining service.  Our aim is to serve you in the most convenient way possible.

Note:  Ontario Provincial Law requires that both you and your recipient be at least 19 years of age.


AGCO (Ontario Government Special Occasion Permits)

Call us if you are unsure weather or not you require such a permit and we can advise you. Should you need one we will e-mail you an application and help you to fill it out. We have a very nominal $20.00 charge for arranging a permit (Money well spent). The following are AGCO and LCBO costs and lead times required for permit applications.

Function Lead Time Required
Average Non Sale Function   15-20 days
Sale Function   20-30 days
Fund Raising Event   35-40 days
Community Festival   90 days
Outdoor Sale Events   90 days


Please note that all functions that offer beverage alcohol for sale or have a price fixed ticket for said function including beverage alcohol are subject to a 16% levy charge over and above the retail cost of the wines spirits and beers. (No person under the age of 19 may apply for an AGCO permit or order or take delivery of beverage alcohol from our company)