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Catering And Entertaining Services


Are you planning a reception, a big party or a corporate event?  Any social gathering really.

We can help by ensuring your event runs very smoothly and with no worries or concern to you.

Our objective is to make sure you don’t run out of anything and to ensure you don’t have much left to return.  Regarding the return of unused/unopen product, anything can be returned so long as it can go back on the store shelves for resale.  Full cases of beer and/or unopened wine and spirit bottles can be returned upon completion of your event.  In essence, you only pay for what you use.


Our customers use and recommend our service for the following reasons:

We offer the largest selection of wines spirits and beers available, including numerous brands that are not available in stores.

We are the most cost efficient source for all your wines, spirits and beer requirements.

We offer the most convenientmethod for accurately estimating, sourcing, permitting and delivering wines, spirits and beers for your event, as well as securely handling any returns you may have.


If required, we will forward to you an AGCO Special Occasion Permit Application, or you can go to: Permit and fill one out. Once complete, simply sign the form and send back to us for submission (See ordering information page for LCBO lead times required).

If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at:  416.802.1274

We will also be pleased to forward an estimate based on the confirmation of booking your venue, your menu and the number of guests attending.

We thank you for calling on our beverage catering services.


Douglas Russell


A little extra for your Entertaining requirements:


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